5 Areas To Tackle With Your Spring Clean

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

5 Areas To Tackle With Your Spring Clean

The clocks have gone forward and the weather has started to get warmer, which means that its time to start thinking about that job we all try to avoid the spring clean. Yes it can be frustrating and time consuming, but be honest, doesnt it always make you feel good when youre finished and you see the results? So then, this year, get ready, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with this list of 5 places that deserve your cleaning attention.

Clean Those Floors

This may seem a tad obvious, but were talking spring cleaning here so lets go a little further than just a quick once over with a vacuum. If you have wooden floors, then vinegar is your friend. Pour some onto a cloth and buff away to make them all nice and shiny again. For rugs and carpets, you need bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle it on, leave for about 20 minutes, then vacuum.

Books And Bookshelves

Time for the feather duster to come out in an area that is often overlooked. Remove the books and dust those shelves. As a bonus tip, if you have any unwanted books, box them up and take them to a charity shop.

Tackle That Bathroom Cabinet

Yes, this is one place guaranteed to need a thorough clean. Throw away all of those expired and out of date medicines and cosmetic products, clean the shelves and then gaze lovingly at your clean cabinet.

Time For The Fridge

Turn the power off and get those refrigerator coils dusted. You can do this with the crevice attachment from your vacuum. Next, defrost the freezer.

Now for the bedroom

Youre going to want to flip that mattress over and switch the bedding from cold weather to hot weather. Once youve done that youll really feel like the winter is over and that summer is around the corner and you can enjoy it all in a nice clean house.

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