After Party Cleaning Plan

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After party cleaning.

After party cleaning can be often time consuming as much as a frustrating task depending on the nature of the party that took place. There are many occasions when the morning after resembles what it could be described as the aftermath of a battlefield. Few are the times when a quick half an hour will restore what it used to be the Living room. It is more likely the case when a couple of hours and several people brings the room back to normal.

The tasks, will include the following in this order, clearing, collecting, cleaning.

The best way to tackle a party room or rooms is to get hold of a pair of rubber gloves or disposable, a few black rubbish bags and a bucket and start by clearing all the rubbish, that will include all cans and bottles, making sure you empty all liquids in the bucket to avoid a leaking rubbish bag and always remember that recycling is an option.

Then grab another bag and begin to clear all leftover food and paper plates, plastic cutlery, napkins and party paraphernalia, next step, take down all wall decorations paying attention not to damage the walls, especially if you are renting your property.

Having done that, dispose of those bags straight away to avoid space cramping. All other plates and glasses other than disposable are to be taken to the kitchen for washing later on.
Next step, cleaning. Opening the windows to air the rooms usually helps to bring fresh air in and to vanish any unpleasant odours from the night before.

Any personal items left behind are to be put in a bag , surely the owner will claim it , if not enquire .

Here is when a routine has to be applied as it works best if the cleaning is done starting at tops and that means tables, worktops, window reposes, shelves and any other surfaces where drinks and food had been.

First of all, wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth, spray the area then wipe dry with a second cloth . A multipurpose cleaning spray usually does the job. Search for hidden stains in upholstery and carpets, those are to be treated separately but on leather coaches a wet wipe will be sufficient. Always check the manufacturers advice.

Hoover all flooring areas and sprinkle scented powder on carpeted spots that will give a scent of freshness to the room.

Once the rooms are clean it is time to move to the kitchen and wash up all the glasses and plates, etc then dry them straight away to avoid pilling up and into the respective cupboards. Same principle as in the other rooms, worktops first then floor

In the kitchen a floor wash down is a must as it is common to slight spillage when opening drinks.

Then it is time to make a cuppa, relax , feet up.

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