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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

It’s coming up to spring time again where I get out the dining room chair, balence on my tip toes and reach for my summer clothes stuffed suitcase. This triggers dust to fly into my mouth and I decide it’s time to get out the heavy duty helpers. The magic erasers, the bleach, one shot for that slow draining sink. Me and Mr Muscle bond over the sprouting buds and warmer weather.

Spring cleaning is like starting your life afresh, I like to open the window and let the breeze flow through as if it’s sweeping out all the bad smells, past events and lazy winter nights. Spring air it’s self works wonders to dislodge the cobwebs.

It’s always nice to finish off each room with a spring touch such a daffodils or sprouting bulbs. Getting in the draws and tidying every little crevice even if you can’t see it and therefore can so easily forget it, is so worth it. It some how manages to enrich your life as if you are cleaning space for new opportunities to enter your life.

Storage boxes from homebase can clean up that pile of clutter that always seems to accumulate. It is important to create space to try on swimwear while you dream of your upcoming holiday. There is no doubt that spring is the perfect time to put a sparkle on your taps, I like to follow a good scrub with an antibacterial wipe for extra shine. Then after all the hard work, collapse with un-cluttered joy and let the freshness engulf you.

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