Avoid These Big Rug Cleaning Mistakes!

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Avoid These Big Rug Cleaning Mistakes!

Rugs are a really good thing to have in your home. They can create an insulating barrier, which in winter can make your home feel warmer if you have tiled or wooden floors, and they can also be used for aesthetic reasons to separate areas of your room.

Unfortunately, rugs can also be a magnet for hair, dust, and stains, and it is important both for the health of your rug and the appearance of your room, to keep them clean. Here are two rug cleaning mistakes you should try and avoid if you want to keep your rug looking beautiful!

Don’t Rub Potential Staining Substances Into the Rug

Many people, when something like a food sauce or a red wine is spilled onto the rug, rub away with kitchen towel trying to get the liquid out. In actual fact, this really makes matters worse by grinding the staining pigments into the rug’s pile. Instead, use some kitchen towel to blot up as much of the liquid as possible without rubbing, and then use water and detergent to take out the rest.

Don’t Let Things Soak In

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their rugs is to soak up the initial staining liquid, whether it is a beverage, food, or even something like baby or pet urine, and then not to do anything about cleaning up the rest of it. Even if you can get rid of any visible dirt by blotting with paper, the rug will still be absorbing more of the substance, which means you are giving bacteria a place to breed and odours a chance to develop if you don’t attack the place where the incident happened with a cleaning product instead of simply letting the area dry.

Many people make mistakes when their rug gets something spilt on it, or in terms of general everyday rug care. Try and avoid doing the same by keeping the above tips in mind.

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