Berwick Upon Tweed Domestic Home & House Cleaning Case Study

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House Clean Berwick Upon Tweed, Scottish Borders Case Study

This week, the executors of an estate in Berwick Upon Tweed contacted us to ask if we would clean the property of a recently deceased man in Berwick Upon Tweed. They informed us that they had already had the property cleared of the man’s belongings and furniture, but now they wanted us to give it a thorough clean as it was going to be put on the housing market as soon as possible.

They also told us that the man had been in poor health for a number of years, so the house was in quite a bad state and very dirty. We arrived at the property bright and early, ready to get started. As our customer had informed us, the two-bedroom house clearly needed a lot of work done to it. All of the rooms were covered in dust, cobwebs and dirty marks, and many of the carpets were very soiled and in need of a good shampooing if they were going to be returned to a usable state. The bathroom was also in a very bad way, particularly the bath, which obviously hadn’t been cleaned in many years and was caked in grime and limescale.

The toilet was also very dirty, and the lino floor was peeling away from the floorboards and needed to be ripped up and disposed of. We decided to begin in the kitchen though, which was the worst of the rooms, so that we would get the worst part over with straight away. The oven was the biggest problem in the kitchen, as it was caked in many thick layers of grease, but the executors of the estate had told us that they wanted to keep it if possible. While one member of our team set to work degreasing the oven, the rest of us got to work on the rest of the kitchen, which was also in a poor condition.

We scrubbed and disinfected all of the surfaces and spent a considerable time scouring the sink and the draining board, which was encased in old layers of dirt and soap. We also cleaned the inside of the windows which were covered in cobwebs and dead insects, and swept, scrubbed and mopped the laminate flooring. The kitchen alone took us two hours to clean, but we were then able to move onto the rest of the house.

Some of our team moved onto the bathroom, while the rest of us took on the living room and the bedrooms, of which there were two. All of the rooms needed dusting, scrubbing and extensive vacuuming, and once this was done we professionally shampooed the carpets in each room in order to remove years worth of dirt, dust and spillages. We also took up the lino flooring in the bathroom as it was beyond repair. Altogether, the house took us six hours to clean, as there was so much dirt and grime to scrub away, but when we were finished we were very satisfied with what we had managed to achieve and were sure that our customers would be able to put the house on the market as soon as they wished.

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