Food stains on the sofa & alcohol stains on the carpet

Ahhhhh, we all know that feeling don't we? The morning after the night before, it was a good night... But look at the state of the place! Food stains on the sofa, alcohol stains on the carpet, upturned dishes, musty smell, and that one napkin in the most awkward place of which nobody knows how it got there. And who wants to clean at this time too? But it needs to be done. Read more [...]

Dealing with the dust and clutter

The dreadful day you've been putting off for so long is now here and you can't keep on avoiding it. But how do I deal with the dust and clutter you ask? Luckily for you, we created a list of tips to get you going! So grab your broomsticks, out your gloves on and turn on your favourite song. It's time to work! Read more [...]

Eco-friendly cleaning tips

Although there is something inherently comforting knowing you have a bleach-drenched germ-free kitchen or bathroom; the potent chemicals that often burn my nasal cavity and leave me gasping for air, are not welcomed so much. You only have to look at the reverse side of the bottle to see terrifying images of skulls and flames masquerading as hazard icons. Read more [...]

De-cluttering of ones mind and soul & home

The sun has suddenly appeared through the clouds and for the first time for months it's no longer miserable, murky and grey. The sudden appearance of snowdrops and crocuses is the reminder that Spring is in the air. Time for a spot of Spring Cleaning, throw the windows open, get the duster out, shine those windows, polish those floors, out with the cob webs and in with the fresh smell of Spring. Read more [...]
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