Sophie’s Full House Clean In The North East

Some of these general cleaning tips might be useful to ensure your house clean and fresh.

1. Only clean the dirty spots

To save time, energy and money, clean only the dirty spots. Sometimes it will even lengthen your stuffs' life. For example, if you clean the carpet too often, it will make the carpet looks worn faster.

2. Clean up the mess

Unnecessary ornaments tend to be dusty easily. Only use the ornaments you really like. Store the rest in the storeroom. You could rotate them every now and then if you prefer. Just think how much time you can save by not dusting and washing them every week. Read more [...]

Sophie’s End Of Tenancy Clean In The North East

Cleaning up after the break up

As the song says, "breaking up is hard to do." But what often makes it so much harder to do is looking around at everything you once shared. Here, we share some tips for moving on and embracing freedom.

#1 Out of sight, out of mind

Stop your ex from intruding back into your life by collecting the photos of them and hiding them away. Better yet - remove them completely. Psychologically, if you see their face every day, how on earth are you going to move on? The same goes for gifts they gave you or knick-knacks you collected together. Read more [...]

Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Counter & Stains

Kitchen Cleaning Tips - Counter

How to Clean Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide (Handle with care)

To clean persistent stain on the counter, moist a paper towel with hydrogen peroxide. Fold the paper towel into two. Then put that paper towel on top of that stain. After that, put something heavy, such as a pan, on that paper towel to ensure the paper towel stay on top of the stain. If the stain still persists in an hour, repeat the process. Read more [...]

Sink Cleaning & Stain Cleaning Tips

Sophie's Oven Cleaning Tip

If your oven is self cleaning then all you have to do is the prep work and then a simple wipe down afterwards. If your oven is not self cleaning then you will have to do a bit more of scrubbing. Begin by removing all the racks and washing these first with warm soapy water. Read more [...]

Sophie’s House Cleaning Company Customer Comments

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your cleaning staff who came to spring clean my house yesterday were absolute godsends. They surpassed all my expectations, at such a good price too. I will now consider having them come over once or twice a year (maybe more often!). It's lovely to be able to just concentrate on the kids now, and not have to worry about all the housework (for a while anyway! )....please pass my thanks on to your cleaners, they were terrific. Read more [...]
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