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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring often coincides with the realisation that the condition of your home has fallen a good way below the pristine standards you originally set for yourself . The darkness of winter helped to conceal the deteriorating conditions of the skirting boards, finger marked walls and doors.

My friends mother once told him; when he was on a downer, that if he deep cleaned his house she guaranteed it would coincide with a lightening of his mood. He set to work with a selection of eco cleaning products and sure enough by the time he had finished he felt like a layer of oppression had evaporated.

There is nothing worse than the nagging feeling of grubbiness lurking in the background of your home. Sunlight falls on the door illuminating the dirty finger marks around the door handle. The oven boasts a thin layer of grime and grease. The skirting boards thinly veiled with a layer of dust. The sun spills through dirt streaked windows. Each time you noticed this you promised yourself you would sort it out but you never did. Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

Once you’ve made up your mind to do this thorough cleaning of your home you might like to try some eco friendly cleaning tips. Lemon juice for example is great for cleaning grubby paintwork and anything greasy. The citric acid dissolves the patina of built up dirt and oil and helps to restore whiteness to yellowing paint. White vinegar is excellent for cleaning windows then you can make them streak free and sparkling with the help of crumpled wads of newspaper or a chamouise leather.

Moving back to mainstream cleaning products, sugar soap is a wonderful product that succeeds where many other products fail. It is often used by decorators to thoroughly cleanse paintwork before redecorating.

Making a list of what needs doing can be a good idea; seeing the list diminish can be a source of upliftment. Doing the spring cleaning yourself would be therapeutic as discussed earlier on.

Another approach could be to have a spring cleaning party. You could have a group of friends around, some mellow music, drinks (not too many!) and snacks and get on with it. You could rotate the parties home by home till you all get your cleaning done. If all else fails call in a cleaning company.

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