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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips: Full House Clean

The easiest method for house cleaning is to employ a cleaner to tackle the job for you.

Unfortunately in these days of drastic economic cuts the housekeeping money may not allow most of us to have that luxury. Some of us may have had a cleaner and decided that after all they prefer to do the job themselves.

My situation is a bit of both: too little money coming in at present and the fact that the only cleaner I found whom I would have liked to keep was indeed cleaning my home very efficiently but destroying it at the same time, knocking furniture and ornaments while vacuuming and stripping the surface paint off of windows and doors frames when cleaning those.

My house was indeed spic and span after 2 hours of Silvia at work, but in need of full refurbishing after a month of her services.

Sadly, I had to let her go, not before confiscating her rubber gloves and mop.

So armed with duster, mop and the likes I started to attend to my 3 beds house myself.

Having a teenager harbouring in one of the 3 bedrooms and trying to keep that room clean is as hard as stopping taxes from rising.

Firstly you need to gain access to it, that in itself is a task you have to accomplish in secret when the creature is not in there

You may only fully recover that room after your off spring has moved out, ( do grown kids still move out these days? ) and that is after fumigating it and thoroughly disinfecting ever nick and cranny where fossilised crisps bits may lurk about.

You will also find on a weekly bases mugs with fungus growing in it which will come in handy if ever you are in need of penicillin.

After various plans of action about how to clean the house and maintain it clean I found that the easiest way for me is to clean “superficially” every bedrooms on a daily bases and doing at least one room a day thoroughly in rotation, kitchen and the bathroom being the exception as they will need cleaning every day.

Cleaning will be a lot faster if the surfaces are rid of clutter and objects. Vinegar is a good descaler and disinfectant , lemon also is a great sanitizer if you don’t want to invest in expensive cleaning products and still be clean and health conscious.

I clean windows from the inside once every two month with vinegar and old newspaper, vacuuming should be done twice a week, obviously more where and when is needed.

Talcum powder is great to soak up grease from carpets, sofas or any fabric, leave it on the grease for a few minutes just after the spill and then brush away. It may end up with you having to explain to your friends that those suspicious white powder spots they see on your carpets are not the sign of a new “habit” you have picked up, but it will do the trick and when it comes to clothes it will save you money at the dry cleaners.

Is best to clean when everyone is out of the way, so you can air rooms, put chairs on tables and will not have to ask members of the family to lift up there legs or shout at them when they try to enter the kitchen if you have just washed the floor.

That way it will take you less time to get the place nicely clean; it will take the rest of the family even less time to get it all messy again ready for you to start all over.

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