Cooking Utensils Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Cooking Utensils Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Charred Pan

Sprinkle the bottom of the pan with baking soda and add water to cover it.
Leave it for 3 hours.
Then slowly remove the crust with plastic cutlery to avoid scratching the pan.

How to Remove the Meat Stock or Grease in the Pan

Boil several Bilimbi (Avverhoa Bilimbi), a kind of sour carambola fruit, on the pan for thirty minutes.


Pour boiling water mixed with lemon extract or vinegar and liquid detergent.
Scrub the residual with wood spatula.
Leave it for a moment.
Rinse thoroughly.
Wash normally.

How to Remove Sticky Substance in the Pan

Rice or other substance are sometimes stick to the pan and hard to remove. To clean it:

Fill up the pan fully.
Boil the water.
Pick up and let the pan gets cooler.
Wash and rinse normally.


Soak the pan in boiling or hot water.
Let the pan gets cooler.
Wash and rinse normally.

How to Clean Aluminium Pan

Fill up the pan with water.
Sprinkle baking soda.
Slowly boil the mixture.
Simmer in a few minutes.
Wash normally after the pan gets cold.


Fill up with water.
Add several tablespoons of cream or tartar.
Boil it.
Wash normally after the pan gets cold.

How to Remove Unpleasant Odour in Cooking Utensils

Soak the cooking utensils in hot water mixed with coffee for a moment.
Wash thoroughly.

How to Clean A Teflon Pan

Wash the pan with dish detergent and water.
For persistant stain, boil the mixture of vinegar and baking soda until becoming porridge-like.
Scrub it over the pan.
Leave it for twenty minutes.
Do not use abbrasive cleaner or steel wood pad!

How to Clean Charred Cake Pan

Coat the bottom with grease.
Put the pan in hot oven until the grease is melting.
Take out the pan and let it gets cooler.
Scrape the residual with plastic cuttlery.
Soak in hot soapy water.
Rinse well and dry it.

How to Clean Dried Egg in the Cooking Utensils

Wash the cooking utensils with cool water. Hot water will make the yolk gets stiff.

How to Clean Plasticware

Wash them in the hot soapy water which had been mixed with several tablespoons of bleach.
If the stains are many, soak them overnight.
Wash normally.

How to Remove Unpleasant Smell in the Lunch Box or Plastic Jar

Pour one tablespoon of vanilla extract and wipe it with damp cloth
Wash normally.


Put a crumpled newspaper in it.
Close it tightly and leave it overnight.
Wash normally.

Other method:

Put a used tea bag in the jar or the lunch box.
Leave it overnight.
Wash it and Rinse it.
Dry it.

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