Darlington Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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Darlington Domestic Home Clean Case Study

At the end of the week we were called by a private doctor’s surgery in Darlington. They informed us that they had a weekly cleaner, but they wanted us to carry out a more thorough job, including washing all of the windows and professionally cleaning all of the computing equipment in each of the GP’s offices.

They told us that the practice was quite a small one, but that there were a lot of windows and eight offices. We agreed to undertake all of the cleaning that they had asked us to do and told them that we would be there at 9am on the date that we had agreed on.

When we arrived at the surgery, the keyholder of the property was there to let us in and show us around so that we could see what work needed to be done. As the surgery employed a cleaner every week the whole place was relatively clean, but we could see that the cleaner didn’t clean the computer equipment at all as this was quite dusty and dirty.

The windows were also quite smeared and dirty, so we decided to split our team in two, with half of us working on cleaning the computers with our specialist equipment, while the other half got to work on the windows. These were the two biggest jobs of the day, so once we were finished with them, the rest of the work was relatively simple and easy. Firstly, we cleaned the staff and public toilets, scrubbing and disinfecting all of the toilets and sinks and mopping the floors. We then vacuumed all of the offices and the waiting rooms, disinfecting all of the surfaces and all of the fixtures and fittings, as making sure that everything is clean and sterile is very important in a doctor’s surgery.

Once we had done all of this work, all that was left for us to do was the clean the small office behind the reception desk. This office was quite cluttered with papers, so we had to be careful not to disturb anything, while also making sure we left the office in a clean condition. We vacuumed the carpet, emptied the bins and wiped down all of the surfaces. Once we had finished in this room, our job was complete and we called the keyholder so that we could return the keys to them.

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