Dogs & Cats Cause Cleaning Concerns!

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Getting a new dog or cat is an exciting time, whether you live alone or share your home with your whole family. A puppy or kitten, or even an adult dog or cat you have acquired, can be a funny and interesting new addition to your household. However, your normal cleaning routine may be thrown into disarray by your new arrival. Dogs and cats not only cause cleaning concerns when it comes to their bathroom habits, but also tend to drop a lot of fur and also scratch and chew things, making your previously tidy home look a bit of a mess.

Of course, a bit of untidiness is worth it if you love your new four legged friend, but it is worth considering how you plan to alter your cleaning regime to account for the additional challenges a cat or dog can bring with them. If you have a professional house cleaner who comes to take care of your general cleaning needs every week, or more frequently, it is a good idea to talk to them about your new animal and see how they need to alter what they usually do to make sure all hair and pet toys are cleaned away.

If you usually do your own cleaning, you may find that it now takes up a lot more of your time hoovering up moulted fur and getting rid of odours caused by your dog or cat, and you may find it is worth considering getting a professional cleaner in to save you the effort.

Once a dog or cat is house trained, the additional cleaning that is required to make having them living in your home comfortable is not so bad, but it is worth thinking about this impact early on and coming up with a strategy to deal with it.

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