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Hi there

I’m looking for a quote for a deep clean to our property located in Earsdon.

There is only carpet on the stairs, landing and 1 bedroom. All other floors are wood. Kitchen is tiles.

The property is over 3 floors and had 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

We are looking for a full deep clean including everything you offer.

Please can you provide a quote and a list of what the deep clean includes.

Many thanks


We booked in a Deep clean with Laura. Once we arrived we seen the bathrooms were very grubby and showed a lot of mould. We soaked the bathrooms so we could provide the best service with the best outcome and started cleaning each bedroom. Once we cleaned all rooms we started the bathrooms however the smell from the chemicals were pretty strong therefore we opened all windows and started scrubbing. The deep cleaning of the bathrooms took around 3 hours to complete however we left them sparking and our customer was very happy.

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