Domestic House Cleaning Service Shiremoor Case Study

Hello there. I really hope you can help me.
My lovely friend who is totally blind lives alone in a little flat in
Shiremoor. She is incredibly independent, always kept her house
absolutely spotless and has a lot of pride in where she lives.
Sadly she lost her mum 6 months ago and as a result suffered a
breakdown and moved in with me a few streets away from her own flat.
As things have got on top of her she’s not been cleaning her house and
things have started to get out of hand for her. She is still living
with me as the house needs a good deep clean before she goes back to
it. She won’t let any of her friends help though as she says she’s
embarrassed as to the state of her house. She has agreed however to
let professionals help.
Her house is pretty dusty and grotty and there are a few dead flies
about the place but nothing nasty. It’s just not been touched in six
months but there isn’t anything unsolvable in my opinion.
Do your think your staff would be able to help clean my friend’s
house. I’d love to get her back to the house proud girl she used to

We arranged a deep clean for Laura within that week. We collected keys and got straight to work on this property. We do offer a high standard clean to each of our customers however this ladies property really was more than a cleaning service needed. We started by emptying out all the ladies cupboards and cleaning them all inside and out, we then cleaned all items and places back as well as a deep clean to all areas we tidied up to the best we could. We washed all inside windows and hired a window cleaner to complete outside. After we carried out the full deep clean we then washed all bedding and re-made beds. Although the lady was blind she couldn’t see however stated as soon as she entered the door her property was smelling amazing. We stayed for a extra hour to help ensure we done everything we could.

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