Faults & Photographs After Tenancy Cleaning

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Whenever you are sent to clean a property that is ‘End of Tenancy’ it is prudent to note and identify any faults or defects to the property BEFORE you commence cleaning. If at all possible take photographs to support your findings.

Prior to commencing you work it is essential that you approach the task in an orderly and planned out manner. Remember client access to the property may be required during your work, so set out professionally from the start.

At all times be aware of your equipment, is it safe to use? Is it causing an obstruction? Does its positioning leave it vulnerable to theft?

In relation to moveable items such as furniture, follow the same plan as you did with your equipment whilst being aware of the elements (rain, frost etc) if placing items outside of the property during the cleaning process. It may also be prudent to make a note of where each piece needs returning to.

Prior to commencing your work ALWAYS ensure that you have on any protective items such as gloves or face mask that is requested by the cleaning product manufacturer.
If you are set to clean any enclosed space without ventilation or windows, be aware of the products that you intend to use and their reactions in enclosed spaces.

Remember an ‘End of tenancy’ clean is the first and most important phase of the re- letting process as such your work will be viewed by ALL potential tenants and first

impressions count and bad impressions count worst of all. So remember once your work is completed, ALWAYS take the time to review it, in order to be sure that nothing has been missed.

Once your task is completed always ensure that all machinery and products have been removed and that all furniture is replaced. Remember to close everything used for ventilation during your work and then secure the property prior to leaving the site.

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