Flowers Are Beginning To Bloom – Time To Do A Spring Clean?

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us. Flowers are beginning to bloom. The birds are chirping from their nests perched in trees that once again bare lovely green leaves. Gone are the bare branches of winter. New life begins again with the blossoming of nature. Gardens of flowers in full bloom will soon be seen across the country.

As the birds chirp from their self-made nests I do so envy them for their small space without any clutter or need for cleaning. Once done with their homes they can fly off and go and build a new one! This is so unlike us everyday humans that in order to make some space can’t so easily and practically simply move abode.

No, to create space we have to deal with clutter that has built up, and dust that has gathered around it. In order to clean under and over (the collected items seemingly so necessary when purchased) one must re-order and prioritize what is needed and be ruthless with what must go. Hence a full spring clean is in order.

It is so much easier to clean an empty space than one that is full of junk. The time for an introspection of what is important to us and a new beginning with a clean slate (or at least a clean house) is about to befall us. It’s in the air.

The birds are churping begging you to finish being bogged down by all that time consuming cleaning of stuff and throw it out, clean out your spare rooms and closets and then come and play in the sun. For after Spring comes Summer, a time to join in sports and have family holidays, go camping outdoors leaving all those home “essentials” inside.

Its time to shampoo the carpets, bang out the dust, throw away those spare over patched air mattresses, clean out the cobwebs behind the fridge, clean the ovens and clear out all the unnecessary items from the spare room.

Out, out you go you time wasting clutter dust bearers. Clean, dust and wash season is here. We are in full swing. Mops and buckets ahoy, hoovers and dusters at the ready. Here we go …

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