Food Stains On The Sofa & Alcohol Stains On The Carpet

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After-Party Cleaning

Ahhhhh, we all know that feeling don’t we? The morning after the night before, it was a good night… But look at the state of the place! Food stains on the sofa, alcohol stains on the carpet, upturned dishes, musty smell, and that one napkin in the most awkward place of which nobody knows how it got there. And who wants to clean at this time too? But it needs to be done.

You start by easing in and picking up the loose food and their packaging from the floor, once that is finished, you see an improvement already. You then move on to the hovering, what a task that seems to be. Is the hoover being louder than normal? It seems that way.

Cleaning on a day like this is always a slow process. But there is a noticeable change already. Soon you find yourself re-arranging everything to its previous position, scrubbing at the stains with the full use of your upper body, and continuing to find litter…

Where does it keep appearing from. Before you know it, most the day has passed already, and the house still isn’t entirely clean. You vow to never have a party again, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. We all know that is not true.

You spray all sorts of chemical concoctions to keep the odour at bay, it’ll work for now. Nearly finished right? Wrong. You forgot to clean the bathroom, it’s always you that has to clean up after that one friend (yes, we all have them). Ah well though, it can wait until tomorrow.

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