Glass & Porcelain Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Glass Cleaning Tips

Thin Glass

If you want to put a thin glass into hot water, do not put the bottom first. It might make the glass cracked. Put the glass sideways.

Crystal, China and Porcelain

Crystal and china had to be hand-washed. Cover the sink with towel to avoid making them cracked or chipped.

Stain or Charred Grease

To naturally clean the stain or charred grease from dinnerware or cookingware made from glass:

Fill it with water.
Add one tablespoon of Ammonia (Handle with care).
Soak it overnight.
Wash it normally.

How to Remove Charred Grease or Stain in the Glassware Easily

Fill the glassware with water.
Add one tablespoon of ammonia.
Soak overnight.
Wash normally.

How to Remove Lime Dregs

Soak the glass in the stilled water and vinegar overnight.
Wash normally.

How to Remove Scratches

Slowly scrub the glassware with white toothpaste.
Leave it dry.

How to Remove Grease

Add a few tablespoons of vinegar in the water.
Rinse well and wash normally.

How to Remove Coffee Stain or Tea Stain in the Glasswares

Scrub the stain with the mixture of baking soda and water on the coffee stain will also remove the stain.

Other method to remove coffee stain:

Mix two tablespoons of bleach and one cup of hot water.
Soak it in the mixture for one to two hours.
Wash normally.


Scrub the coffee and tea stains with the core of pineapples.
Wash normally.

Yet, another method to remove coffee or tea stain:

Scrub the stains with soft salt.
Wash normally.

How to Prevent the Glasswares Looks Hazy

Do not wipe dry the glasswares since it will cause the glasswares looks hazy. Just leave the glasswares on the rack to dry it.

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