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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Handy Hints and Helpful Wives Tales.

We all have accidents right? That tedious moment when you slouch into your sofa with your overflowing cup of Typhoo tea and it splashes onto your cream coloured cushion or how about cutting through your medium cooked steak on a Sunday only to get more sauce on your shirt than is left on the plate? We are here today to dispel some ridiculous myths and offer real life solutions.

You are hosting a party, possibly celebrating the purchase of new living room furniture when you stumble and spill a puddle of red wine onto the carpet. This can be a scream out loud moment and somehow it is widely thought that pouring a glass of white wine down on top of the stain will lift it. Do not be so daft. Here is our tried and tested technique. Go to the kitchen. Grab that bottle of white wine you had in the fridge for emergencies. Drink it ! Now, you are a little bit more relaxed after the initial panic has subsided. Fetch the year old bottle of soda water you keep in the cupboard for your grandmother’s yearly visit.

Soak a sponge, dab it against your forehead for the next few minutes will be tough. Pour a cupful of soda water over the red wine (cups vary in size so we suggest you use the same cup you had your Typhoo tea in) and follow that by adding a teaspoonful of brown sugar to the mix and let it be. Take a close up photograph with your phone and upload it to Facebook because that is what people do nowadays. Wait for your first ‘Like’ from someone who is possibly at the party next to you and then scrub hard with a cloth and some elbow grease (this is not an actual product).

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