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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

House cleaning therapy

Ever felt that you were trapped, entangled, oppressed, cluttered when you looked around yourself in your own home. Whether this is a small flat, a room in a shared household, a pretty cottage or a luxurious penthouse apartment, though the causes may be different, the symptoms are the same.

No need to panic or despair, there is a simple remedy. Believe it or not, our surrounding environment, the one we live in, is a reflection of our enclosed environment, the one that lives in us. By acting on how our surroundings we can effectively have an effect on our feelings.

We accumulate so much junk and scum in our mind, I mean house, that sometimes we are unable to see just how lovely it is, how comfortable and pleasant and pleasing it can be. And there is no need to be afraid by what you might find, in fact you might even recover some forgotten objects as you hurdle among the many boxes and drawers.

And there is no need to panic because you don’t have a magic wand that will do the job in an abracadabra doo.

Where’s the actual fun be in doing that anyway? All you need to do is start from one small room.

So start by decentralising. Don’t think the whole house. Start by thinking one room. Then in that room choose one more thing. A drawer, a window, the fridge. No need to do it all at once, but do make sure you have enough time to declutter at least one area, one room.

Don’t leave things unfinished, or they’ll be back to the way they were in no time. You are the only one that can do the job exactly how you want it to be done. You are the one who messed it up, now you are the only one that can bring back order and cleanliness.

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