How To Clean Kitchen Utensils

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How to Clean Chopping Board

Wood chopping board is a favorite place for bacteria and germs. Wash it with a mixture of water and bleach. Water could also damage the wood chopping board. Do not soak it in the water. Always dry it everytime you wash it.

Get rid of the smell of the chopping board by:
Scrubbing it with lime extract.
Wipe it and leave it dry.
Always do this every time you use it to ensure the chopping board always smell fresh.

How to Clean the Sponge

Do not throw away the sponge after you use it for a few times. To clean it:

Rinse with running water.
Wring well.
Put at the top rack of your dishwasher.


Pour hot water an a little bit of liquid detergent on the sponge.
Wring, rinse well and dry it.
It is ready to be used again, for example to take off crack light bulb from its fitting.

How to Clean up Egg

If you drop an egg on the floor:

Cover it with salt.
Wait for five minutes.
Scrape it off from the floor.
Clean the floor normally.

How to Clean a Meat Grinder

Put several slices of bread in the grinder.
Grind the bread.
The minced bread will also bring along the remaining meat.

How to Clean a Cheese Grater

Grate potato on that grater.
The grated potato will also bring along the remaining cheese and it will be easier for you to clean the grater.

How to Clean Saffron Stain on the Grater.

Grater will get yellowish after you use it to grate saffron. Remove it by:

Grate pineapple on the grater.
For persistant stain, use unused toothbrush on the stain.
Wash normally.

How to Clean a Waffle Iron

To clean waffle iron:

Soak a cloth in ammonia (handle with care) and put it on the plate.
Close the lid and leave overnight.
Slowly scrub with scrub-brush.If the waffle iron is coated with teflon, just wipe it with thick cloth. Do not scrub to prevent the teflon to be scratched!
How to Clean a Kettle

Sometimes we could find lime dregs at the bottom of the kettle. To clean it:

Fill up the kettle with the mixture of equal part of water and vinegar.
Boil it and leave it overnight.
Rinse it in the morning.

How to Freshen Your Kitchen Smell

Drop a few drops of vanilla essence on several cotton balls.
Put those balls at the kitchen corner.

How to Prevent Mould on the Bread Box

Wipe your bread box regularly with a little bit of vinegar.

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