How To Dust When You Or Your Child Has Allergies

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How to Dust When You or Your Child Has Allergies

If you, or someone in your household has allergies, cleaning can become an even bigger priority than it usually would be. Allergies to household dust, pet hair, mould and other common things can make life quite uncomfortable, causing reactions like breathing problems and skin conditions. In some people, particularly children or the elderly, allergies to typical things like dust can be an even more serious problem that can be life threatening if symptoms of allergy related things like asthma are severe.

One of the most important things to do when you have someone in your household who has allergies is to make sure you have a good dusting regime and are using a duster that clings to particles and properly removes them from things. While for some people, running an old cloth over surfaces from time to time so they don’t look dusty is sufficient, when you have people with allergies to consider, removing dust before it builds up is the priority.

Getting to dust in hard to reach areas that is not often even visible to anybody becomes a much more important part of cleaning when you or a person you live with can suffer if there is dust, are dust mites, or there is mould in your house. Dusters with handles and extending arms are the best way to deal with this, as they enable you to get to dust on the top of high shelves or cupboards, and also to obscure corners and spaces behind furniture. Several brands make dusters like this, for example Swiffer, who also make their dusters in a way that attracts dust using static, which makes the job even easier.

Use the right duster, and make sure you attack every area very regularly, and you can make your home much more comfortable for an allergy sufferer.

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