Is Black Mould In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Harmful?

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Is Black Mould in Your Bathroom or Kitchen Harmful?

Nobody likes the thought that mould is growing in their home, but unfortunately, it is quite a common problem. Wherever there is moisture, mould spores which are in the air pretty much all around us can take hold and begin to grow. In the home, the most common places for this to happen are the kitchen, the bathroom and the basement, because this is where the conditions tend to be the most damp or humid. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of mould, but only a few that tend to grow in UK homes.

You may have seen reports in newspapers of black mould, which is one that is quite often found in kitchens and bathrooms, causing serious illnesses. People, especially children, elderly people and people who are already frail from another existing condition, have had some quite serious symptoms as a result of exposure to household mould, including bad respiratory problems. In actual fact, the mould is not toxic to most people. However, some people do have serious allergies to it, which is what leads to these health problems. Because in many cases the mould is hidden away, for example behind things like the washing machine, or on the inside of cupboards, people don’t always see it and deal with it right away before it becomes a serious problem.

Mould, when it hasn’t taken hold too seriously, can be cleaned away using normal household detergents and water. It can generally be scrubbed away with a normal kitchen sponge. Do regular full cleans of your bathroom and kitchen, being sure to check behind appliances and in other hard to reach areas. If you bust the mould as soon as it starts to appear, you should have no problems, even if a member of your family does have a mould allergy.

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