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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Green Clean

Sometimes cleaning can be a far-out magical journey filled with fairies and small talking animals. Just the other day when I was cleaning my bathtub I went on an adventure with a unicorn and wait, no. That was just a hallucination brought on by breathing in the toxic chemicals used in bleach and many other household cleaning products.

After a massive clean I always find myself woozy and nauseous with dry skin and a throbbing headache. I also know that what the sink swallows up will eventually end up in the ocean. I finally decided it was time for a change. I have discovered the wonderful world of green cleaning.

By swapping the harmful chemical products like bleach for more natural, safer alternatives you can kiss those headaches and the lurking sense of guilt away. You’ll save hundreds of pounds on your cleaning bill too as many of these things are already in your home.

Here are a few tips for green cleaning newbies.

Vinegar is your new best friend. Mixed with a variety of other things, it is a powerful cleaner, odor neutralizer and mould killer.

Vinegar mixed with baking soda makes an excellent tile and porcelain cleaner as it scours away scum gently. Be careful not to mix too much too quickly or you?ll end up with your own miniature volcano!

Squeeze a few lemons into your DIY cleaning products for a lovely fresh smell. Oh, it?s also super effective against most domestic bacteria.

Salt mixed with very hot water can be used as a light drain cleaner. For a more clogged sink, add some baking soda and allow it to drizzle down slowly.

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