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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Stains

Mildew Stain RemovalDaub white vinegar and lemon extract to remove mildew.
Hang the clothes for several hours.
Wash normally but separately from other clothes.Chocolate StainUse sponge and cool water to clean chocolate stain.Add two tablespoons of borax to two cups of warm water.
Continue dabbing the stain with the above mixture.
Rinse and wash normally.

Removing a Blood Stain

Immediately clean blood stain.

Rinse well with cool water.

Then do one of the below:

Sprinkle meat tenderizer with no spice.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Dab with hydrogen peroxide (Handle with care) and damp cloth.
Leave until it lathers.
Then wipe out with clean cloth.
Repeat if necessary.

For dry blood:

Soak the clothes with cool water and two cups of salt.
Wash normally

Baby Formula Stain Removal

If the stain persist after normal washing:

Squeeze orange or lemon extract on the stain and hang it under the sun until dry.
Wash normally.

Iron Burnt Stain Removal

Scrub liquid detergent on the burnt mark.
Then wash the clothes with hot water and bleach for white clothes or hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) for clothes which can not be bleached.

Fruit Juice Stain Removal

For new stain:

Put the clothes in the sink.
Pour hot water.
After a while, wash normally (Be carefull of hot water).

For old stain :

Soak in cool water.
Scrub detergent over the stain.
Wash normally.

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