Newcastle Upon Tyne Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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Newcastle Domestic Home Clean Case Study

At the beginning of the week we were contacted by a couple that wanted us to give their seven-bedroom house a thorough clean, as they had hosted their extended family over the Christmas and New Year period. They informed us that they had hosted two parties over the holidays, and had their family, who ranged in age from 2 years to 85 years, staying in all of the guest bedrooms. Although they had cleaned up after both of the parties, they told us that many of the rooms were still not completely clean, and all of the furniture needed to be polished to remove the many sticky marks that had accumulated. We told them that we would perform a very thorough job and also agreed to clean the insides of all of their windows.

We arrived at the property, a large house in the leafy area of  Jesmond, Newcastle at 9am sharp, ready to get started on the work straight away. Our customers were there to let us in, and showed us around the property so that we could get an idea of the work that needed to be completed. As our customers had already told us, the property had seven bedrooms, as well as four bathrooms, three reception rooms and a large kitchen and dining area. All of the rooms had large items of furniture in them, many of which were highly polished.

Although most of the rooms were not visibly very dirty, they were all in need of a good once over, and many of the items of furniture had grubby marks on them and therefore needed to be carefully wiped down and re-polished. We decided to begin with the windows and the bathrooms though, so we split our team in two, with half of us tackling all of the windows, of which there were many, while the other half got started on cleaning the four bathrooms.

Two of the bathrooms were in a much dirtier condition than the others, as the children who had been staying in the house over the holidays had used them. We scrubbed and disinfected all of the baths, sinks and toilets, and mopped all of the floors, before bringing all of the taps and fixtures and fittings up to a high shine. Once we were finished with the bathrooms and all of the windows, we moved onto the seven bedrooms.

These were in varying states of cleanliness, with the children’s rooms the messiest once again. In each of the rooms, we vacuumed the carpets and polished all of the furniture, including the wooden bedsteads. We also dusted, emptied the bins and beat the rugs, so that each bedroom was left sparklingly clean and tidy.

After the bedrooms had been cleaned, it was time to move onto the reception rooms, of which there were three. Once again, these varied in terms of cleanliness and there was a lot of polishing of furniture to do in all three. We also vacuumed all of the floors, dusted and wiped down all of the doorways to remove the small fingerprints that the children had left. All that was left for us to clean now was the large kitchen and dining area on the ground floor.

The kitchen was in a decent condition, as was the dining area, though the large wooden table was in need of a new coat of polish. While two members of our team set about doing this, the rest of us scrubbed and scoured the kitchen, including the large sink and the range. In total, the kitchen and dining room took us a further hour to clean, but once we were finished we had finally completed the job, which had taken us six hours in total. We then took a final look around the property to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten anything, before locking the doors and posting the keys back through the letterbox as requested.

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