North Tyneside Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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North Tyneside Domestic Home Clean Case Study

This week we were contacted by a landlord, who had been left with a very dirty property after some of his tenants moved out unexpectedly. As well as being left with several unpaid council tax bills, he told us that the flat was in quite a bad state, with a lot of dirty dishes, food debris and rubbish throughout, but especially in the bathroom and the kitchen.

We arrived at the flat bright and early the next day, ready to get started on what we anticipated would be a big job. After letting ourselves into the flat we saw that our customer hadn’t been exaggerating about the state of the property, which was indeed in a very poor condition. All of the surfaces in the kitchen were covered in dirty dishes and leftover food, a lot of which had gone mouldy and was attracting flies.

Firstly, we opened all of the windows in the flat to try and get rid of the smell that was developing because of the mouldy food remains. We then disposed of all the food remains and rubbish throughout the property, which included lots of empty beer bottles. Once we had removed all of these items, separating the ones that were recyclable, we got started on washing all of the mouldy dishes.

The landlord had informed us that the flat had been let as a furnished property, so all the furniture and crockery was his and therefore as much of it should be saved as possible. There were a lot of dishes to get through, including ones in the other rooms of the flat, but once we had cleared all of these we were able to move onto cleaning the rest of the kitchen. This included wiping and disinfecting all of the surfaces, scouring the draining board, which was covered in grease, and vacuuming and mopping the laminate flooring.

Once we had put in a lot of elbow work, we were very pleased with the way the kitchen turned out and happy that we had managed to return it to a good state of cleanliness. Once we had finished on the kitchen, we moved onto the second worst room in the property, which was the bathroom. Like the kitchen, all of the surfaces in the bathroom were coated in dirt, old soap marks and hair.

We thoroughly disinfected the bath, toilet and sink, and made sure we got into all the corners when we vacuumed and mopped the laminate flooring. We also professionally cleaned the showerhead, which was caked in a thick layer of limescale, which had been preventing it from working properly. Now that the two worst rooms in the property had been tackled, all we had left were the two bedrooms and the living room.

The two bedrooms were not in too awful a condition, but were still quite dirty. We washed down all of the surfaces, vacuumed the carpets several times and cleaned the inside of the windows which were very dirty and had lots of dead insects on the windowsills. The living room was also in a similar state and needed to be vacuumed three times with an industrial hoover, in order to get up the dirt and hair that was trapped in the thick carpet.

Once we had finished cleaning each of the rooms though, we were very happy with what we had managed to achieve and sure that our customer would be pleased with the job that we had carried out for him.

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