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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After Party Clean

You wake up groggy, head thumping, look round at an array of empty bottles, food crushed into the carpet and a suspiciously sticky kitchen floor. The smell of stale smoke permeates every last coat and cushions. Bundles of blankets lie strewn across the floor where people have slept where they fell. It starts to hit you: You have to clean.

1. Avoiding mirrors, wake the troops and stumble out for breakfast somewhere. After a strong coffee and a stomach full of your favourite hangover cure (personally a really good Bloody Mary), you will tackle this with vigour. Repeat this to yourself over breakfast until you believe it.

2. Round up the breakfast buddies if possible and assign different jobs. If you work together, cleaning will fly by. If you are alone, tackle each job one by one. Accompanied or alone, don?t fret, put on some happy energising music and dance your way through this.

3. Bin-bags are your best friends. If you recycle, one bin-bag for cans and bottles and another to empty ashtrays into and throw away anything else.

4. Clear tables and kitchen sides first ? dirty things washed up as you go along, then the floor and then any other space. Don?t forget to double check behind sofas.

5. Use Antibacterial spray and kitchen rolls and scrub hard, all grubby patches of ash or sticky spills will come off.

6. For any marks on windows, spray some Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice on the glass and rub in brisk circles with a dry cloth. It will not smear. Alternatively, if you have a lemon left from Tequila simply rub that across the pane.

7. Remove any cushion covers that can be removed (including sofa) and stick in wash along with blankets. If you cannot remove them, don?t fret, Febreeze really does eliminate the odour and not simply cover it. On a sunny day, stick them outside to air for a while and fling the windows open to air the rooms.

8. Hoover. Congratulate troops or yourself and pick a film.

9. While the adverts on the film run, mop the floor.

10. Collapse onto the sofa and chill out.

To avoid an after party clean being overwhelming, provide guests with bin-bags where empty cans/bottles go, use disposable cups and cover table tops with pretty paper tablecloths. Try to dry a spill when it happens. You?ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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