Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

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Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

How to Clean the Back and the Bottom of the Refrigerator (Be careful, Unplug the cord if necessary):

Bind a sock which you do not use anymore with rubber band on a stick.

Clean the back and the bottom of the fridge to sweep the dust and dirts which could affect the fridge circulation. To clean the small corners if the refrigerator which are difficult to reach by hand, use cotton applicators which had been soaked with warm water and neutral detergent without scent.

Use water (hot) or detergent without scent to clean the inner part of the refrigerator or the freezer. The smell of the cleaner with scent could be absorbed by the food.

Use warm water to clean parts of the refrigerator which are made from plastic and glass. Hot water can crack them.

Do not use bleach to clean the refrigerator. Bleach can crack plastic parts.

Remove mildews and prevent their growth by wiping the inner parts and the racks with cloth which had been soaked in vinegar.

Refrigerator smell can be removed by putting several slices of ripe pineapple on a plate on the rack of the refrigerator. Alternatively, several tablets of Norit which had been crushed and put in a glass could be put in the refrigerator to remove the smell.

Your ice compartment often gets frozen in the freezer so it is difficult to take it out. To resolve it: Put newspaper at the bottom of the freezer. Put the ice compartment on top of it. It will be easier to take it out later on. Alternatively, smear liquid candle at the bottom of ice compartment so that it will be easier to take it out later on.

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