Safety Precautions To Take When Using Oven Cleaning Products

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Safety Precautions to Take When Using Oven Cleaning Products

Oven cleaning products are readily available, and can be really powerful when it comes to taking baked on dirt and grease off of over surfaces. They can be used on the inside of your oven, on the stove top, or on pans where things have become firmly stuck to the base due to the contents burning inside them or boiling over.

Oven cleaning products are great for getting problem dirt and stains off of things and making your kitchen nice and clean, however they are heavy duty cleaning solutions that should be handled with care. Oven cleaning chemicals are highly caustic, and it is worth taking some safety precautions before you start using them.

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure any children or pets are out of the room. Oven cleaning products are irritating to the skin, poisonous if consumed, and also dangerous if inhaled, so you do not want your kids, your cats or your dogs getting anywhere near them while you are using them.

2. Wear gloves. Normal rubber gloves for cleaning or the kind of latex surgical style gloves used for things like dying your hair are the kind of protection you need. Do not allow any of the caustic oven cleaning product to touch your hands or anywhere else on your skin.

3. Open windows and doors. Oven cleaners can be dangerous to inhale, and so should only ever be used in a very well ventilated area. Leave windows and doors open for a few hours after you have finished the process as well.

4. Don’t let your oven cleaning product come into contact with any surfaces other than those you intend to clean. They can be highly damaging to wood, or to surfaces that have been painted. Don’t let any get on to your counters, cupboard doors, or non metallic kitchenware.

Oven cleaners can be a very effective way to get your kitchen as clean as possible, but they are serious products that deserve your respect. Take care with them and you will have no problems!

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