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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring is upon us, time for that dreaded clean. Cobwebs covering hideous unwanted Christmas gifts? Wardrobes and drawers full to the brim of woolly, moth eaten winter jumpers never to be worn again? This is the majority of the population and if this is you it’s time to whip on the rubber gloves, grab that duster and sack of bin bags and say goodbye to the dirt, clutter and general mess that has haunted you for the past four months.

Now, although it sounds daunting, spring cleaning can be one of the most rewarding chores. For me, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to see my spice rack neatly coordinated in my kitchen. Or my clothes in colour order in my wardrobe, as opposed to its usual hanging off the hanger or slumped at the bottom amongst the shoes look.

It sounds scary, and probably for those who have a tendency for OCD, but with spring cleaning your house, you inadvertently spring clean your life. You remove all the unwanted objects, dirt and dust that made you shudder every time you looked at it. A sense of calm and satisfaction takes over you, nothing seems to feel as hectic or manic anymore and all the while your mind is cleansed and filled with clarity.

It feels good, to finally get the job done. Your wheelie bins are so full the lid won’t close, and collection isn’t due for another week, but who cares? You did it! A spotless house, with all traces of hoarding, clutter and general annoyance removed.

Go all out, put on fresh bed sheets and the best sleep of your life is guaranteed. The sense of achievement is undeniable, you put it off so long and it feels fabulous to finally get it done. Finished…till next year anyway.

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