Sophie’s Cleaning Company Recommends Northern House Clearance

If you need a professional house clearance company that are specialists in all aspects of house clearance we fully recommend Northern House Clearance service.

Q: Is Northern House Clearance insured?
A: Yes, we are fully insured.

Q: Are you a registered waste carrier?
A: Yes, we have all the requisite paperwork from the UK Environment Agency and it is available for inspection.

Q: What will you clear?
A: Just about anything. It’s actually easier to list things we won’t clear: paint; dangerous chemicals; building rubble; gas bottles; asbestos.

Q: The job is difficult to describe. Can I send photographs via email?
A: By all means. Please send your photographs to

Q: I’m based overseas. Can you do a house clearance for me?
A: Yes, we do not require your physical presence to carry out a house clearance.

Q: The house contains some valuable antiques. Can I set this against the cost of the clearance?
A: Yes, this may be possible. We will be happy to discuss a situation like this and come to an agreement with you.

Q: Do I need to be at the property while it is being cleared?
A: No. As long as we can arrange access to the property, there is no need for you to be there.

Q: What do you do with items that are useable but of little value?
A: We can arrange for such items to be donated to local charities. We always work to avoid anything being wasted if it is reusable.

Q: What happens to items that cannot be reused?
A: These are disposed of at official waste and recycling sites.

Q: What do you do if you find personal documents or photographs?
A: We always respect client confidentiality. If we find sensitive papers or family photographs these will be preserved and handed over to you at the earliest opportunity.

Q: How quickly can you start on the job?
A: Obviously, that depends on your needs. But if you want the job done quickly, we can usually start within a couple of days.

Q: Can I get a quote for your services?
A: Yes we can offer a free quote over the phone.

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