Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Had A Wild Party?

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Had a wild party?

Waking up surrounded by dirty dishes, stained carpets and empty wine bottles can feel a little overwhelming, but if you know you have a cleaner coming round to wipe away all your troubles, your hangover will feel much more bearable. Whether its the remnants of a birthday party, a BBQ or an engagement celebration, we can quickly and efficiently clean up any mess, big or small.

Sit back and relax as we wash your dishes, hoover your floors and wipe away all traces of the night before, leaving you with nothing but happy memories and sparkling surfaces. We will thoroughly clean every room in your house, deep cleaning all bathrooms and toilets and even cleaning up any debris in your front or back garden.

Parties can be messy occasions, but with our cleaners on the job you wont have to live with the consequences for long. Whether its red wine stains, cigarette ash or even vomit, our cleaners have seen it all before and are trained to carry out their work thoroughly and efficiently, respecting your privacy at all times. We’ll even keep the noise down as much as possible, giving you time to recover in peace and quiet.

100% trustworthy, you can rely on our cleaners to hand over any money, jewellery, mobile phones, car keys or other valuable items that your guests may have forgotten, so that you can return them safe and sound. Any broken items that we find will also be shown to you so that you can decide whether they are salvageable or not, and in the unlikely event that our cleaners break anything, all damages will be paid for.

Hiring a cleaner can really take the weight off your feet after a hard nights partying, so why not give us a call so you can focus all your efforts on making sure you and your guests have a fantastic night.

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tip's - Party Clean Up
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