Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Time For A Big Spring Clean

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring? the season of new growth, of bright cheerful flowers after the cold of winter. It always used to be regarded as the ideal time for cleaning houses and making them sparkle. Nowadays with so much more emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, houses are subject to intense cleaning much more frequently.

Dirt brings germs and these can lead to illness, especially if you are asthmatic. Toilets and kitchens can be natural breeding grounds for bacteria. Cleanliness is vital.

Dust can gather in very short time on any surface in the home including windows and soft furnishings. Even computer screens need wiping each day. The natural oil from fingers builds up on the screen and obscure words, while unseen layers of dust can cause static.

Cleaning is often seen as a chore ? but if you build it into your daily routine, it becomes much easier and quicker to maintain high standards around your home. Why not aim to thoroughly clean a different room each day? Or set up a rota whereby everyone living in the house has special responsibility for specific tasks? Try doing the washing up immediately after each meal rather than leaving it piled up in the sink ? it will make you feel much better! Remember too that having some fun while you clean can finish tasks faster. Listen to music, try an exercise routine or think of the calories you are losing as you run up and down the stairs.

Parties are fun ? but not the debris that is left behind. Spills, dirty dishes, marks on the furniture, mounds of washing up and left over food can take all the pleasure from the event. It can feel like a mountain of cleaning is required.

Not surprisingly, increasing numbers of people are calling in the services of a cleaning company to do the job for them. Even an hour from a professional company can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of your home. Carpets can be swept, surfaces dusted and windows gleam.

A deeper clean takes longer, but is worth it as it ensures that all the places where dirt can linger are dealt with such as behind radiators and furniture.

Such deep cleans are essential if you are about to move house. Tenancy agreements usually require you to leave premises in good order, and that means sparkling clean.

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