South Tyneside Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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South Tyneside Domestic Clean Case Study

At the beginning of the week we were contacted by a hall of residence in South Shields who wanted us to clean one of their student halls, as it was now the end of the university year and they wanted it to be clean before the new students moved in. They told us that the block had 40 rooms, all of which contained a bed, wardrobe and sink. The block also had four communal kitchens and two lounge rooms that needed to be cleaned, as well as eight toilet and shower rooms.

We decided to take eight members of our team along to the job, as it was quite a big one and we wanted to complete it in one day. We arrived bright and early, keen to get started on the job at hand. We divided into groups of two, with each pair taking a floor each. All of the bedrooms were of the same uniform size, although the cleanliness varied dramatically from room to room, depending on how the former students had left them when they moved out.

The bedrooms were the easiest rooms to clean though, as generally it was just a matter of disinfecting and wiping down surfaces, vacuuming the floors and dusting. The communal areas, including the bathrooms and shower rooms, were more of a challenge as they were much dirtier. Nearly all of the shower rooms had blocked plugholes and large amounts of soap and shower gel that had congealed stubbornly onto the floors.

The shower rooms and bathrooms therefore required extensive scrubbing and descaling in order to bring them up to a high standard of cleanliness. Once we had finished with the bathrooms though, we were ready to move onto the kitchen and living areas. These were also very dirty, especially the kitchens, which needed to be thoroughly disinfected. The ovens in all four kitchens also needed to be scrubbed and degreased and the floors needed to be mopped a few times in order to return them to their original state.

The communal areas had sofas, a TV and a pool table in each of them, and we vacuumed under all of the cushions on the sofas, in order to remove a years worth of crumbs and food debris. All in all, the entire student block took us six hours to clean, but by the time we were finished we were very happy with how the job had gone, and pleased that the halls would be ready for the next batch of students in September.

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