Spring Cleaning As New Meditation

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Spring cleaning as new meditation

House cleaning- probably the most boring yet necessary activity to be done in order to keep good hygiene in the house. But there are ways to convert this seemingly waste of time into joyful me-time.

In a meditation resort in India, I came across the idea of using house cleaning as a way of meditation. That was a very strange concept to me at first as I expected meditation to happen in an empty, quiet space where I could sit cross-legged on a pillow.

In the resort they had built an ordinary house with every day objects in it, as you would expect: tables, chairs, carpets and other things. People who were ready to do the cleaning meditation got equipped with sponges, brushes and cloths and then they spend hours and hours cleaning. The secret is to be in totally absorbed in the moment, to be 100% focused on the process whether you are wiping the windows or brushing the floor. One of the ladies told me you have to keep doing it until you love doing it.

And when you know how to love doing it, there is a strangely satisfying feeling that comes with the cleaning process. It is as if the cleaning of outside surfaces creates a feeling of cleanliness inside the body. It is important to keep the focus in the present moment and not think about future tasks like planning your shopping list or re-living yesterday’s dinner. All that matters is what is happening in the here and now.

Of course, we are not living in a meditation resort… but each of us already has a special place to practice meditation- your individual unique home! Now, that spring has almost arrived I am taking this opportunity to convert the boring spring clean to cheerful meditation practice, and I believe you can too!

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