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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Sunshine and Sparkle

It seems that long, dark days are behind us. The clocks have gone forward, March came and went in a blaze of sunshine and gardens are bursting with colour.

Now that the winter blues can be put aside for a few months, its time to end the hibernation. This, of course, means that your home must be ready to receive. Whether you’re having the in-laws down to see the grandchildren, catching up with friends over sunny barbecues or simply offering an open-door policy, you will be judged!

For those of you that don’t have hours every day to devote to scrubbing skirting boards and dusting sideboards, there are some tasks that make all the difference.

Make sure your windows are clean. The sun streaming in grime-ridden panes is not a good look. If you use newspaper as a cloth you’ll be amazed at the results.

Have good-quality scent fresheners in your bathrooms. A house that smells nice smells clean. Dot fresh flowers around. They can be bought cheaply and make all the difference to the overall look.

Check that your fruit bowl doesn’t have old, withering fruit in it. Keep pet food and toys to one area, preferably not the kitchen! Polish picture frames, people will hone in on photos on display.

Make sure toilets are clean! Children are challenging bathroom users. With a host of supermarket deals, stocking up on quick-fix products is simple. There are wipes for everything from bathroom surfaces to leather furniture, instant stain removers and attractive, cheap storage for kids toys.

Have one big blitz then just keep up to date as much as possible. The less clutter the better, smell is as important as sight, keep the balance between tidy and welcoming, nobody feels comfortable in a show home or a pig sty!

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