Tips For Cleaning Blinds

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Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Curtain and Blinds

Curtain and blinds are common breeding place for germs and bacteria, not to mention dirts. Therefore, clean them regularly. The best way to do it is to wash them regularly in the cool water with soft detergent. But make sure to check and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. If the curtain is not dirty, only a little bit dusty, you could use vacuum cleaner, then change the nozzle accordingly with the suitable size and the lowest setting.

You could also put the curtain into the dryer, then set the lowest heat to remove the dirts and straighten the creases.

To clean the curtain easily:
Use old socks on your hands.
Soak in soapy water.
Use your fingers and thumb to clean the upper part and the base of each sides of the curtain.

Alternatively, if your have bathtub:
Take out the curtain from the curtain pole.
Soak the curtain in the bathtub.
Scrub with clean cloth.
Then empty the bathtub from water.
Run the water to rinse the curtain.
Hang the curtain on the bathtub until dry.

Lights Cleaning Tips

Light Bulbs

Clean your lights from the dust inside out, including the light bulb (do not forget to unplug the electricity first, ensure the bulb is already cool when you detach it).

If the light bulb is really dirty, it is better to wipe it with damp cloth.
Dry well before you re-attach the bulb into its fitting.

Lamp Shades

Clean the lamp shade made from plastic with soft cloth soaked into warm water, then wring out.
Thick plastic lamp shade could be cleaned from dust by vacuum cleaner using the suitable nozzle.

Use blow dryer to clean the dust from lamp shades with many pleats.

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Ornament Cleaning Tips
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