Tips On How To Spring Clean Your Home The Eco-Friendly Way

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Tips On How To Spring Clean Your Home the Eco-friendly Way

Most of us want sparkly clean homes. The irony is that whilst in the process of cleaning we often fill our homes with toxins from the chemicals found in the cleaning detergents. These chemicals can lead to allergies, nausea, cancer and headaches. Not so great in other words.

Here are some tips for a cleaner and less toxic home:

1) Skip the air fresheners – rather open your windows to let truly fresh air in. If you like nice scents try having indoor plants with fragrant flowers, or using naturally scented candles, incense, or oil burners with essential oils.

2) Use natural cleaning detergents (found in most grocery stores and health food shops) or make your own detergents. For example, mixing 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 quart of water in a spray bottle makes a perfect window cleaner. For floors a mixture of vinegar and water will do as well. Although the scent of the vinegar dissipates quickly you can add some essential oils to leave the house smelling wonderful. For counter tops vinegar, water and baking soda is a popular combination. Have a look around on the net to find which recipes you like the best.

3) If your house needs to be repainted, whether indoors, or outdoors, use eco-friendly, non-toxic paints. Some paints used in the past have actually been banned due to their toxicity levels, which goes to show that some strong chemicals go into certain paints!

4) Vinegar is a great mould and mildew killer for the bathroom. No need for all those toxic mixtures found in the shops. You can always rinse it off afterwards with some water mixed with a few drops of essential oil to leave it smelling wonderful.

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