Upholstery Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Directly clean the stain as soon as spillage happens. Starting from concealed part.
Clean the pet furs by rubber gloves. The pet furs will accumulate on the gloves.
To avoid the upholstery colour worn out fast, turn over the cushion every now and then.

Clean the upholstery once a year to clean them from dirt and dust:
Firstly clean with vacuum cleaner.
Followed by stroking the cushion.
Wash with soft detergent and leave it until dry.

Leather Cleaning Tips

Clean leather stuff with damp cloth and soap (to clean) the saddle.
To prevent hole or tear, polish the leather with petroleum jelly or olive oil.

Alternatively, Mix:
A part of vinegar
Two parts of linseed oil

Then polish the mixture over the leather surface.

To clean ink stains (always remember to try it over concealed part of the leather to check whether the colour will run): Moist a cotton ball or cotton cloth with alcohol or hair spray. Slowly scrub over the stains.

Glass Cleaner

Use newspaper to clean since the newspaper will not leave threads.
Spray lemon extract and wipe it with cloth until clean.

Alternatively, use the mixture of:
One part of vinegar.
One part of water.
Cover small scratches with white toothpaste (without jelly).

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