Using A Black Light To Find & Clean Up Pet Urine

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Using a Black Light to Find and Clean Up Pet Urine

If you have a puppy or kitten that isn’t yet house trained, or an older animal that has problems with bladder control, you may find that little ‘accidents’ happen rather frequently in your home. When you see your cat or dog urinate on a carpet or rug, it is best to act fast to soak up as much of it as possible with some kitchen roll, before using a detergent and disinfectant to take away the rest. However, sometimes you aren’t there to see the accident take place, and the urine has dried leaving only the smell behind.

The smell caused by pet urine is partly the components of the urine itself (such as ammonia in cat pee), and partly the build up of bacteria where the urine is. This essentially means that the smell will get worse, rather than better over time. If you know your dog or cat has had an accident somewhere in the room, but aren’t sure where you need to be focussing your cleaning efforts to get rid of the smell, it can be helpful to use a black light.

Black lights, or UV lights, are simple tools that shine ultraviolet light onto a surface and will reveal where there is hidden dirt, such as cat or dog pee. Around 98% of urine stains will show up under a black light, whereas they would be invisible to the naked eye. You can buy one relatively cheaply from hardware stores or from online shops like Amazon, and they are simple to use – simply flash them around like a torch and wait for the stains to show up.

Once you have isolated where the urine stains are, you can use a detergent to clean them and get rid of those odours once and for all!

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