Blyth Domestic Home & House Cleaning Case Study

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We were contacted earlier this week by a couple that had been having extensive building work done to their house in Blyth for the past two months. They told us the builders had taken down a partition wall, renovated their attic space into a study area and also added a conservatory to the back of the property. Although the quality of the work was very good, their attempt to clean up after themselves had been less impressive and they had left a lot of building debris behind, as well as a lot of dust and dirt in all of the carpets.

The resulting mess was more than they were able to tackle themselves, so they asked us to come round and professionally clean all of the carpets, the windows and all of the other surfaces in the house that were covered in dust, dirt and paint specks. When we arrived at the property we discovered why our customers had not wanted to tackle the house cleaning themselves. Despite the fact the builders had put down dust sheets, the house was covered in thick layers of dust and there were paint specks that needed to be cleared off the majority of the windows.

We began by opening all of the windows to try and disperse some of the dust naturally, and then got out our industrial hoovers and worked on the house from top to bottom. While some members of our team were doing the hoovering, others worked on removing the paint specks from the windows and skirting boards throughout the property. This was quite a large job, so removing all of the paint took us a long time, but we were determined to do the job thoroughly, so that their house could be returned to its original state.

After we had finished cleaning the windows and the skirting boards, we wiped down all of the surfaces throughout the house, removing all the dust and dirty marks that the builders had left behind. We also cleaned all of the doors and door frames as most of them had dirty fingerprints and scuff marks on them. After our team had hoovered all of the carpets several times and removed most of the dust, we brought in our industrial carpet cleaner in order to give all of the carpets a professional deep clean.

Once we had done this in all of the carpeted rooms, we finished by mopping the floors in all of the rooms that had laminate flooring, such as the kitchen. We had now finished cleaning the house from top to bottom and removed all of the dust and dirt in the process, leaving our customers to enjoy their newly renovated house in its intended condition.

Cramlington Domestic Home & House Cleaning Case Study
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