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House Cleaning Northern EnglandSophie’s Cleaning Company offers same day and emergency cleaning packages in the North East. If you have been let down by a cleaning company, your property has not been cleaned prior to your arrival, or an end of tenancy cleaning was not done properly, then Sophie’s Cleaning Company can help.

We can come in on the same day in most cases offering emergency cleaning. We can do a full end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens to sanitise them, oven cleaning, window cleaning and much more:

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We cover all areas in Northumberland, Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland, Scottish Borders, County Durham, Teesside & Cumbria.

Perhaps you have enjoyed entertaining guests the night before, or maybe you’re in need of a rapid room recovery to impress soon-to-arrive friends; whatever the reasons may be, emergency cleaning services are the answer.

The service works under the premise of quickly arriving at the scene and helping restore an un-cleaned room/property back to its pristine best. There are a variety of companies that provide such a service and often many cleaning companies will proudly boast of this in their ads and selling points. It helps to exemplify the company’s efficiency and lets the consumer know of their efficacy under tight time restrictions.

Emergency cleans can involve a whole host of services. These include, but are not limited to, carpet cleaning, rubbish removal, kitchen disaster redemption, or un-partying the party residue, which in simplicity means clearing up the mess you made! Invariably, entertaining nights are conducive towards fatigued bodies and lazy minds; it is far easier if you can sleep through the day whilst a professional cleaning company deploys its few good ladies to your property and clean it faster than your alarms second snooze sounding.

There will be many variables that will affect the company’s pricing for such services. They may take in to consideration the number of rooms which need cleaning, the time frame in which they must complete the task or your location, depending on where the mobile company are, paradoxically, based.

The fact of the matter is that cleaning companies provide these services because customers prefer professionalism and efficiency; hence the emergency. However, for the more self-sufficient person, cleaning-to-deadline is a challenging task that will not only save money, but the rewards and lessons learned may far outweigh any sterling saving satisfaction.

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