Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Eco-friendly cleaning tips

Although there is something inherently comforting knowing you have a bleach-drenched germ-free kitchen or bathroom; the potent chemicals that often burn my nasal cavity and leave me gasping for air, are not welcomed so much. You only have to look at the reverse side of the bottle to see terrifying images of skulls and flames masquerading as hazard icons. Does the desire to live in a sanitized, clean environment have to come hand-in-hand with paying for harsh toxic chemicals? Of course not.

It is possible to create a few simple cleaning solutions in order to reduce chemical exposure and even save money! (cmon bicarbonate of soda isn’t going to break the bank). In fact, my grandmother swears by the techniques I will outline and she’s a domestic goddess.

Vinegar: Did you know that vinegar is a brilliant compound for polishing cutlery and removing limescale from metal showerheads. Even better is citrus infused vinegar, which can be made by placing a bunch of citrus peels in a jar with household vinegar for up to two weeks. After the two weeks, strain the vinegar out and use to mop floors, disinfect surfaces and polish shiny furnishings.

Baking Soda: An amazing little ingredient to have stored at all times! Make a paste of baking soda and water and smother around hobs and in ovens-leave for a few hours and then wipe off to remove all the excess dirt!

Tea Tree: An amazing antibacterial essential oil. Dab on a piece of kitchen roll and use as a laundry basket deodorizer to stop clothes smelling damp and stale.

Try to use these little tips next time you reach for that oven cleaner/ bleach/ expensive germ killing wipes and you will see that sometimes the natural and safe recipes are just as good as their manufactured counterparts.

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