Cleaning Guide To Get Your Deposit Back

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

End of tenancy clean

As a seasoned renter, I know just how crucial it is to do a thorough clean up of your flat before you move out. Unless you are moving into one of the royal residences, you’re going to need that deposit back, and landlords love nothing more than docking money for tiny little things that you might have overlooked. Here are my top tips for hassle free moving.

Grab a sponge and, having first dunked it in warm soapy water, gently dab at any wall marks (particularly notoriously troublesome Blu-Tac) you might have amassed since your tenancy began.

Buy a can of good quality oven cleaner, open a window and let it do its job. Scrubbing it out afterwards is a bit grim but will save you money in the long run. Remember not to breathe in the fumes!

Toothbrushes are your friend. Use them to scrub away any gunk that has accumulated in the grouting between your bathroom tiles, attack limescale on your taps and to give your shower head a makeover. Bet you haven’t come face to face with it since move in day!

Beg borrow or steal a good (read: strong suction) hoover in the days leading up to you leaving the property. You will be needing it, and there’s nothing worse than a slacking vac slowing you down when you hit your cleaning stride.

Enlist the help of a good friend with strong ‘neat freak’ qualities who will have the same eagle eyes for muck that your landlord will. Yes, skirting boards do need to be dusted. I know. I thought they were always that colour too.

I cannot stress this enough: defrost your freezer a good two days before you’re due to leave. Take it from me: frostbitten hands are no good for mopping.

Don’t use the toilet again after bleaching it. That’s just good manners.

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