Give Your House A Quick-Fix With Our Emergency Clean Guide

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Give your house a quick-fix with our Emergency Clean Guide

We have all been there before. Visitors are on their way and your house is in a state. Floors have not been cleaned, washing is overflowing from the basket and all you can think about is how you are not going to get everything done in time. This is why we have compiled a short list of things you can do to give your house that powerful emergency clean and show you it is possible. By following these points, you will be able to say goodbye to the mess fast!

1 Switch the music on and get the mop ready. If you have laminate floors, adding a small amount of vinegar to some hot water is a proven way to get rid of the grime and leave floors looking immaculate. If there are stubborn stains you need to get rid of immediately, alcohol will do the trick.

2 For the bathroom tiles a bleach solution, baking soda and vinegar are good ways to tackle the dirt and leave a spotless finish.

3 Grubby carpet can be a nightmare to get clean. However in the case of an emergency clean, try rubbing your carpet with alcohol and if it is dark enough, vinegar as these contains potent stain removing properties.

4 Remember to bleach the toilets and let it sit for a while to freshen up the bathroom. Spray the mirrors and glass with vinegar and water (our trusty friend again) and you will find there are no streak marks left at all!

5 Creating a dust-free environment will be a final part of your emergency clean. Its good to dust systematically and not just here there and everywhere. Following a certain direction (eg. Clockwise or anticlockwise) will prevent you from getting more dust on lower furniture so you wont be creating more work for yourself.

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