Cleaning Your TV Screens, Monitors & Other Tech Gear

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Your TV Screens, Monitors and Other Tech Gear

These days, our houses tend to be full of electronic gadgets, most of them with a screen. Whether it is your widescreen TV, your computer monitor, your tablet or even the screens on things like a smart fridge, there are digital displays in most modern homes. Screens on electrical devices can seem like a magnet for dust. Some of them literally do attract dust when they are switched on due to static, whilst others accumulate oily residues from people’s fingers when they are touched. Using water to clean screens on electrical equipment can be a bit troubling, because as we are all taught from an early age, water and electricity are a bad combination.

When you want to clean your screens, the best kind of product to use is an alcohol based solvent such as isopropyl alcohol (which is often just referred to as ‘iso’). This works well because it temporarily dissolves grease and dirt, allowing you to lift them off with a cloth, but it dries very quickly so you don’t have the risks associated with getting electrical equipment wet. Isopropyl alcohol is sold in all different formulations by various brands, and is often marketed as a ‘screen cleaner’, so it is very easy to find.

As well as using the right solvent to clean your electrical goods, using the right cloth to remove dirt can make a big difference. The best thing to use is chamois leather. This is great at absorbing any excess moisture and its texture means it is incredibly gentle and won’t scratch your screens or leave any marks behind. Chamois cleaning cloths for screens are easy to find, but you can also use the kind designed for cleaning windows or cars. In a pinch, the cloths used to clean spectacles can also be good for polishing off your screens.

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