How Often Do You Need To Clean A Hardwood Floor?

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Hardwood floors are really popular these days, because they look good, and are on the whole a lot easier to keep clean than carpets. With underfloor heating now also readily available, concerns people used to have about a hardwood floor making a room colder are also less of an issue. If you have chosen hardwood flooring in one or more of the rooms in your home, you may be wondering how often you need to clean it to keep it at its best.

Ideally, you should dust your hardwood floor every day. This lifts off any dust or hair and prevents any bits of grit or anything that might scratch the floor staying there for too long. It doesn’t take very long to dust or sweep the floor, and you will find that this makes the more intensive cleaning much easier. At least once a week you should clean the floor with a cleaning solution designed for hardwood floors. It is usually better to do this more frequently if you have pets, but for most households a weekly ‘proper clean’ is sufficient to maintain the look of the flooring and keep it nice and clean. If you have any rugs, roll these up when you do this kind of cleaning so that the areas underneath them get cleaned too. While they may not pick up as much dirt as the rest of the floor, it is better for the floor’s long term health to be cleaned evenly.

About once a month, you should give the floor a polish using a treatment made for the type of floor that you have. This will preserve the wood and also keep your floor looking shiny and attractive.

Follow this regime, and your floors will be clean and the finish will last for years to come.

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