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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

For us, a spring clean is the equivalent of a detox. It is that time of year when you need winters debris and dust removed: the curtains must come down and be cleaned; windows washed; bugs vacuumed away.

We work from the inside of your house out; pouring our lemon freshness all over. Bathrooms need more than Mr Muscle, they need steaming until all that built-up grime dissolves down the drain. Everyone knows that under the bed is where the Fluffy’s live. We are rather fond of them; and our Henry Hoover is fed this dusty diet and is quite content.

Kitchen cupboards have become army store cupboards during the cold months. Everything from Benylin to mulled wine. We take everything out, clean completely and return your items in such an orderly manner, you’ll imagine dandelions where before there were just sneezes and shivers.

High ceilings are beautiful as are the cornices, but those dangling cobwebs are turning your household into the Munsters. We have been doing spring cleans for so long now, nothing escapes our notice. Our houses come in all shapes and sizes: from caravans to stately homes. Every year, the procedure is the same, and we are fully equipped and ready for a war on wintry dust.

Bed linen is removed just as during a normal clean, but we vacuum and steam before returning freshly washed and dried protectors to see your precious mattresses nicely through another season. We even do exteriors; just book a full house clean and we’ll arrive in a van complete with expandable ladder and jet-spray to wash down brickwork, decking and stone.

I think its safe to say, we have your spring cleaning needs covered, but please do read the customer satisfaction reports on this website. All work is guaranteed and we hold full Employers and Public Liability insurance for your security and peace of mind. Please use the contact form below, to book a spring clean today!

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