Spring Cleaning With Attitude

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning attitude

Officially, it is spring. In some parts of the country, it is even quite hot nowadays. Nevertheless, do not get carried away: spring is not summer. However, it could be a good opportunity to take care of your home, by doing what it is called a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning consists in a full cleaning of a house, from top to bottom. In order to accomplish this important mission, some basic principles have to be followed.

Do not be sentimental

Yes, it will be hard to put your duvet that draped comfortably over your body during this winter in the wardrobe for the coming months. Life can be tough sometimes. But it will be for good, unless you want to experience very hot nights to be ready for your vacation in Asia. However, I doubt that this method is a good one.

Say no to clutter

During winter, we all tend to clutter up. Blankets, supplementary heaters, all these things that make our happiness during winter have to be put away now. It is very important to always have a storage room at home where you can put all these items, as long you do not need them. Tidying up is considered by many people as a vector of positive energy.

Sort out your clothes

This winter, you enjoyed a bit too much the comfort of your big jackets and large scarves. Now it is time to change a bit and to get a new self-image. Whoever you are, woman or man, spring will put an end to your hibernation look. Yes, you are back on stage and some of your clothes seem to not be able to wait. But do not forget the saying: “March, we get behind the stove, April we still be there, May off we go to the garden”.

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